September 27, 2010

Thought of the day...

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering. - Paulo Coelho

September 14, 2010

Thought of the day...

Life is nothing but experiences and memories of them...

September 06, 2010

tumi asbe bolei

September 05, 2010


Disappointment is for those who have appointments with the future.

Again taken from "Leaving Home" - the documentary on indian musical band "Indian Ocean"


This poem has been taken from a scene in "Leaving Home", the documentary on the indian musical band "Indian Ocean". The way Asheem quoted this, it just touched me.

यूँ निकल पड़ा हूँ सफ़र पे मैं, मुझे मंजिलों की तलाश है

नए रास्ते नए आसमां, नए हौसलों की तलाश है

जहाँ बंदिशों की हो हद खत्म, उस हसीं शहर की तलाश है

जहाँ रंग-ओ-खुशबू का हो मिलन, मुझे उस उफक की तलाश है

मुझे मंजिलों की फिकर नहीं, मुझे रास्तों से प्यार है

जो मेरे साथ साथ चल सके, उस हमसफ़र की तलाश है...

Found youtube link as well, see below: