September 28, 2008

Orkut showing vulgar ADs and cutting them off using Firefox

So this morning i login to my orkut a/c and guess what... i'm greeted with annoying vulgar ads [see below].

Well i appreciate free services provided by these companies (including Google) and do allow ads from online sites at times but that doesn't mean you will show any bulls**t to me.

And then i added orkut as well to my ads filter. Here is how you can avoid these ads using Firefox.

1. Install latest firefox release from
2. Open firefox and install latest release of AdBlock Plus Plugin from
3. Select one of the Filter subscription (this is a default blacklist contributed by the community and helps you combat with many generic Ads) [I'm subscribed to EasyList]

Now you are ready to block any unwanted Ads whenever you encounter them while surfing. Just right click on the area where AD is appearing; a menu like below will appear

Select "Adblock IFrame" or "Adblock Frame" (whichever is the case). You will see something like below appear.

We will edit that to further block any ADs like this.

Thats it. Say "OK" and you are done. You won't see any further ADs on orkut. Say cheese.... :-)

September 22, 2008

And i will remember.. (perhaps forever)

[PS: i was going through bunch of yahoo services i'm subscribed to, and bumped onto my good old briefcase folder. I'd not visited briefcase since last 2-3 years until now, but found couple of good old memories in it. This is the farewell poem i wrote for my classmates at KGP. Well i did forget to include couple of guys in the poem, i still feel sorry for it. Sorry to all of them for this was written in one night, that too post midnight when i just woke up and thought to write something with all the senti wenti stuff]

Here comes the end of one life
and all those fantastic years five

will miss those lemmas corrollaries and theorem
but thanks GOD, i wont have to prove any more of them

those classes and lectures, where sometimes we slept
and those horrible assignments which gave us no rest
those examination nights that we never slept
and those "help each other" promises that we always kept

those mischiefs of aaloo, those shoutings of BK
that crying Tiwari and cracku Pinaki
and let me recall fundoo mustu,
the guy with microsoft and DR 2

Yup giri is tough and mansi too sweet
sheetal is smart and banarsi broken heart
remember mr psycho and his unworldly thoughts,
and those teasings on Anjan and some small small fights

Nath, thanks for those treats back at your home
i'm still looking forward for few more of them

Had a great time with all you guys,
its now time to say you all good byes.

I wish i could speak more and more
but the time is limited and my heart getting sore
not because i've nothing more to add
but because i'll be leaving KGP and i'm a little bit sad

Love you kgp, dont forget me sweatheart,
coz you will remain alive forever in my heart

September 01, 2008

My .vimrc

Well, promised myself long back that i will post technical articles here as well but have been really lazy for quite sometime now. It hits me again and again because i had to look for similar things multiple times. So here i make yet another promise to myself to post those stuffs which i can re-use again and again. Hope some of this would be helpful to others as well.. ahh someday!

This one is my .vimrc settings i configured couple of days ago. Comments inlined for better reading :-)

"---------begins here----------
" To enable syntax highlighting
:syntax enable

" To enable a color scheme that is pleasant to eyes
:colorscheme delek

" To convert tabs to spaces; use :retab to convert all tabs to current
" settings
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set expandtab

" To catch hiding tabs
set list listchars=tab:»·,trail:··

" makes the backspace key treat the four spaces like a tab (so one backspace
" goes back a full 4 spaces)
set softtabstop=4

set title

" fold lines with similar indent (collapse feature) or manually in insert mode
" using CTRL-T (indent) CTRL-D (dedent)
"set foldmethod=indent
"---------ends here----------

PS: I will keep updating this post as and while i explore cooler stuffs on VIM. As of now i'm loving it.. :)